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Wide Use Of Polyanionic Cellulose
- Oct 27, 2016 -

Polyanionic cellulose is very versatile, can be applied to carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) all industries, providing more stable application performance.

1, polyanionic cellulose can be used as alternative to the veil of starch sizing agent in the textile industry;

2 Add polyanionic cellulose, paper, can improve the longitudinal strength and smoothness of paper and improving oil resistance of the paper and ink absorption;

3, polyanionic cellulose in daily chemical industry used in the preparation of SOAP and synthetic detergent;

4, rubber industry of polyanionic cellulose can be used as a stabilizer in LaTeX;

5, paints, food, cosmetics, ceramic, leather and other fine chemical processing, polyanionic cellulose thickness regulating agent, emulsion stabilizers, crystallization prevention agent, thickener, Binder, suspending agent, water retention agent, dispersing agent, is widely used.