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Starch ether using method
- Oct 27, 2016 -

Main functions, starch ethers

1. Very good fast thickening ability: medium viscosity, has high water retention;

2. Small, very low dosage that is able to achieve high results;

3. Enhancing the material ' sag resistance skills;

4. Good lubricity and improves the performance of materials, makes operations much more smooth.

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Secondly, starch ethers used

Applicable to all types of starch ethers (cement, gypsum, lime the calcium base) PuTTY for Interior and exterior wall, facing mortar plastering mortar.

Recommended dosage: 0.05%-0.15% (measured in tons), specific uses subject to the actual proportions.

Can be used as a cement-based products, gypsum products and ash admixture of calcium products. Starch ethers and other buildings, additive has good compatibility; especially suitable as mortar, adhesives, plaster and rolling materials such as dry mixing.

Third, starch ether and methyl cellulose (Tylose MC) common in the dry mixture of architecture, high thickening can be given, more structured, and SAG resistance and ease of operation. High cellulose methyl ether of mortar, adhesives, plaster and sticky rolled material can be reduced because of added starch ether.